Wellby (JSCFCU)


Script Writing, Video Editing, Rotoscoping, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Concepting, Storyboarding, Audio Mix, Brand Guidelines for Video/Animation

Team Members

Ib, Rafael, Jocelyn, Donnie, Julianna


3DS Max, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Wellby Teaser

The details

Our team collaborated closely with JSCFCU's executive, marketing, and creative teams to develop a comprehensive rebranding video campaign and create video assets showcasing the new services offered through Wellby. One of our primary objectives was to ensure a smooth transition for existing clients into the new brand by employing a strategic approach in the Teaser, Rationale, and Launch videos. We achieved this by gradually introducing visual and voice elements of the new branding while maintaining elements of the existing brand.

In addition to engaging existing clients, we aimed to capture the attention of a younger audience who may not be aware of the benefits of banking with a credit union. To accomplish this, we infused the videos with fun, playful elements and relatable scenarios that resonate with the milestones of life. By connecting with viewers on a personal level, we hoped to pique their interest and encourage them to consider JSCFCU as their financial institution.

The video campaign was rolled out in stages over approximately six months, beginning with the videos showcased on this page. As the campaign progressed, we transitioned into a more vibrant and colorful character animation style, further enhancing the visual appeal and engagement.

Throughout the collaboration with JSCFCU, our focus remained on effectively communicating the rebranding message and promoting the new services offered through Wellby. By combining strategic storytelling, gradual brand integration, and relatable content, we sought to create a video campaign that resonated with both existing clients and a younger demographic, ultimately driving awareness, interest, and engagement.

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Wellby Teaser