3D Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Particle Sims, Compositing, Rendering, Audio Editing

Team Members

Jocelyn, Rafael


3DS Max, Pheonix, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Div 2

The details

As part of OtterBox's promotional efforts for their Industrial series, our team enthusiastically joined forces to create an engaging animation for the Div 2 case. This animation was designed to complement an upcoming videography project that the OtterBox team was working on.

Taking inspiration from the filming location, we utilized our expertise in 3D animation to develop a branded industrial-style environment. The aim was to seamlessly integrate the animation with the overall series, showcasing the ruggedness and industry-approved features of the Div 2 case.

By creating this immersive 3D environment, we sought to captivate viewers and highlight the durability and reliability of the case. The animation served as a powerful visual tool to communicate the key attributes of the Industrial series, reinforcing OtterBox's reputation as a trusted provider of robust protection solutions.

We are proud to have collaborated with the OtterBox team on this project and contributed to the overall success of their promotional campaign. The animation seamlessly integrated with their videography project, further strengthening the message and impact of their marketing efforts.

Div 2