UT Health / The Black Sheep Agency


Motion Graphics, Audio Mix, Audio Recording

Team Members

Chris, Rafael, Jocelyn, The Black Sheep Agency. Special VO talent by: Crystal Wall, DJ Supastar, and Genesis Blu


After Effects, Premiere Pro

Own Every Piece - Influencers

The details

We were thrilled to collaborate with The Black Sheep Agency on an exciting project aimed at demystifying and sharing the truth about birth control. In partnership with wonderfully talented female influencers, we created a captivating series of social videos that shed light on the empowering aspects of birth control while highlighting the importance of finding the right option for each individual.

The motion graphic series delved into the personal experiences of these influencers, discussing how birth control had empowered them and played a significant role in their lives. Our team worked closely with The Black Sheep Agency to ensure that the videos effectively communicated the messages of empowerment, choice, and informed decision-making.

This project was an integral part of UT Health's Own Every Piece Campaign, a comprehensive outreach initiative dedicated to providing accurate information and resources about birth control. By leveraging the power of social media and the influence of female voices, we aimed to reach a wide audience and create meaningful conversations around this important topic.

The motion graphic series served as an engaging and informative platform for sharing experiences, dispelling myths, and encouraging open discussions about birth control. We are proud to have contributed to this impactful campaign and are excited to see the positive impact it has on individuals seeking reliable information about their reproductive health.

Own Every Piece - Influencers