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OtterBox MagSafe Charger

The details

Our team had the pleasure of collaborating with OtterBox to create a stunning 3D animation showcasing the functionality of their new MagSafe stand for Apple devices.

The MagSafe charger serves as a versatile desktop charging solution designed for business settings, catering to all your MagSafe-compatible Apple devices. In our animation, we adopted a sleek and minimalist approach, presenting an office environment that could be interpreted as either a home office or a business office. By incorporating branded elements, we allowed users to envision the stand in their own preferred setting.

Michael Kirby, Creative Director at Otter Products, expressed his satisfaction with our collaboration, stating, "Wanna deliver top-shelf collateral and come off like a hero in your organization? Then call Control Shift Video. Jocelyn and Rafael bring all the goods - you get all the glory!" We take immense pride in delivering exceptional results that not only meet our clients' expectations but also elevate their brand and generate positive recognition within their organization.

OtterBox MagSafe Charger