Otter Products


Storyboarding, 3D Texturing, 3D Animating, Particle Sims, Visual FX, Compositing, Audio Mix

Team Members

Jocelyn, Rafael


3DS Max, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, X-Particles

uniVERSE Case System

The details

Utilizing our expertise in 3D animation, we collaborated with OtterBox and their partners to create a captivating video showcasing their innovative on-the-go tools that seamlessly attach to their phone cases. This project was part of the uniVERSE Case Systems promotion, aiming to highlight the expanding range of partners and mobile accessories for professionals on the move.

Through our collaboration, we developed a dynamic family series video that demonstrates the versatility and functionality of these accessories. By showcasing how these tools can enhance mobile careers, we sought to convey the vast possibilities that OtterBox and their partners offer to users.

The video serves as a powerful promotional tool, unveiling the unique features of each accessory while emphasizing the convenience they bring to users' lives. Our 3D animation expertise allowed us to bring these tools to life, showcasing their design, functionality, and seamless integration with OtterBox phone and tablet cases.

Michael Kirby, Creative Director at Otter Products, expressed his satisfaction with our collaboration, stating, "Wanna deliver top-shelf collateral and come off like a hero in your organization? Then call Control Shift Video. Jocelyn and Rafael bring all the goods - you get all the glory!" We take pride in delivering exceptional results that not only meet our clients' expectations but also elevate their brand and drive success within their organization.

uniVERSE Case System