Creative Direction, Moodboard, Storyboard, Script Writing, Motion Graphics & 3D, Audio Mix

Team Members

Julianna, Chris, Jocelyn, Rafael


Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro


The details

The creation of this motion graphic video took us on an exhilarating journey, uncovering the profound impact LucidLink has on creative businesses, including our own. Through this project, we not only empathized with the pain points that potential users experienced before adopting LucidLink but also encountered them firsthand.

Our team immersed themselves in the process, meticulously crafting mood boards to explore different visual styles, fine-tuning the script to capture the perfect perspective, and designing a seamless animation flow that ensured connectivity and engagement. All these elements came together just in time for the prestigious Adobe conference in California, where our work was proudly showcased on an awe-inspiring larger-than-life screen.

Throughout the project, we delved deep into understanding the challenges faced by creative professionals and how LucidLink addresses those pain points with its innovative solutions. By effectively translating these insights into a visually captivating motion graphic video, we showcased the transformative power of LucidLink for businesses in the creative industry.

The video served as a compelling narrative that resonated with both our target audience and industry peers at the Adobe conference. It conveyed the seamless integration of LucidLink's technology into creative workflows, emphasizing the enhanced collaboration, secure file access, and unparalleled performance it offers.

Our collaboration with LucidLink resulted in a visually stunning motion graphic that not only captured the essence of their solution but also positioned it as a game-changer for creative businesses. It was a testament to our dedication and creativity in delivering impactful visual storytelling that left a lasting impression on the audience at the Adobe conference

"They are one of the most creative people I had the pleasure to work with. I am impressed by their organizational skills and professional attitude. The final result is fantastic!" - Radina Ivanova