K&B Industries


Video Editing, Color Correction, Motion Graphics, Stock Search and Licensing, Music Editing

Team Members

Jocelyn, Rafael, Alisa


After Effects, Premiere Pro

K&B Industries Capabilities Sizzle

The details

As part of our comprehensive delivery for the annual Crawfish Boil event, which included a 5-minute looping video, we recognized the opportunity to further enhance K&B's sales efforts. During our meet and greet session, we gathered valuable insights, including feedback from Chris, the sales manager, who emphasized the importance of showcasing their clean and well-organized facilities to potential clients.

Upon reviewing their existing videos, which consisted of 4+ minutes of content focused on a single location, we identified the need for a more concise and impactful solution. Our recommendation was to create a short, fast-paced sizzle video that would provide a high-level overview of the facilities and leave a lasting impression on prospects.

With this goal in mind, we embarked on editing their existing footage, carefully selecting the most compelling and visually captivating moments. The fast-paced editing style allowed us to condense the content into a concise and dynamic video, capturing the essence of K&B's facilities while maintaining a high level of excitement and engagement.

The resulting sizzle video served as a powerful tool for the sales team, enabling them to showcase the key highlights of K&B's facilities in a concise and impactful manner. By presenting a condensed and visually stimulating overview, the video aimed to captivate potential clients and leave them with a lasting impression of K&B's capabilities.

This short, fast-paced sizzle video was seamlessly integrated into their sales arsenal, providing a dynamic and compelling visual resource to help salespeople effectively communicate the unique selling points of K&B to prospective clients. Its high-energy approach and concise format aligned perfectly with the goals of engaging prospects and generating excitement for K&B's offerings.

We take pride in our ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients' specific needs. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating impactful content that captures attention, communicates key messages efficiently, and ultimately drives business growth.

K&B Industries Capabilities Sizzle