OFS Portal


Script Recommendations, Storyboarding, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Post Production, Audio Mix

Team Members

Ib, Garrett, Rafael, Jocelyn, Donnie, Audrey


Cinema 4D, After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere Pro

OFS Portal - Overview

The details

OFS Portal presented us with a particularly challenging task - condensing and clarifying their complex range of services into a concise 2-minute video. This undertaking proved to be difficult due to the comprehensive nature of their offerings, which often require hours of explanation during meetings with new clients, as described by CEO Chris Welsh.

During our discovery meeting, we delved deep into the various services provided by OFS Portal, striving to gain a thorough understanding of how each function and how they benefit clients. This in-depth exploration allowed us to distill the key information and present it in a simplified and engaging manner.

The collaboration between OFS Portal and our team was a resounding success. The resulting video effectively guides prospects and clients through the company's services, providing them with a clear overview. Moreover, OFS Portal has utilized the video in their onboarding process, enabling new employees to quickly grasp the high-level view of their service offerings.

Chris Welsh, CEO of OFS Portal LLC, expressed great satisfaction with the outcomes of our collaboration, stating, "Control Shift Video is a great company to work with, OFS Portal LLC is extremely happy with the results of the Overview video they created for us." We take pride in our ability to deliver impactful and concise videos that effectively communicate the core message of complex services, helping companies like OFS Portal convey their value proposition with clarity and efficiency.

OFS Portal - Overview