Kaishan / RIVET Agency


Video Editing, Color Correct, Audio Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation

Team Members

RIVET Agency, Rafael, Jocelyn


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Kaishan | Rotary Pump Comparison

The details

We are excited to have partnered with RIVET Agency to deliver exceptional custom animations for their client, Kaishan. Our collaborative efforts aimed to impress both Kaishan and their target audiences with high-quality visuals and engaging content.

Working closely with RIVET Agency, we developed two captivating videos showcasing Kaishan's new Rotary Pump. The first video focused on a detailed comparison, highlighting the unique features and advantages of their innovative technology. The second video provided a comprehensive breakdown of how the pump works, offering insights into its functionality and demonstrating its value to viewers.

RIVET Agency provided valuable assets, including the voice track, footage from the video shoot, CAD models, and key product details necessary to understand the product and its brand. Leveraging this material, our team skillfully edited the footage, refined the audio, and brought the 3D elements to life by meticulously texturing, lighting, and animating the visuals.

Our collective efforts ensured that the final videos delivered a powerful impact, effectively conveying Kaishan's product capabilities and enhancing their brand image. We are proud to have collaborated with RIVET Agency on this project and are confident that the animations will exceed the expectations of both Kaishan and their audiences.

Kaishan | Rotary Pump Comparison