Videography, Motion Graphics, Tracking & VFX, Voice-over Scouting, Audio Editing

Team Members

Rafael, Jocelyn, Wyatt, Micheal


After Effects, Premiere Pro

NOV Lifecycle Performance Program

The details

We were delighted when NOV approached us with an exciting idea and the need for our expertise to bring it to life. Collaborating closely with their creative team, we delved into the animatic they had developed, ensuring a thorough understanding of their goals and reviewing their expectations. The objective was clear: NOV wanted to showcase their Lifecycle Performance Program Service, highlighting its value at every stage while demonstrating their new AR support.

To capture the essence of their journey, we embarked on a filming adventure at their Houston facility, working closely with their talented and dedicated staff who graciously volunteered to be featured as on-screen talent. Their enthusiasm and multi-faceted abilities brought an extra level of authenticity to the project.

With a couple of rounds of refinement and fine-tuning, the video came together seamlessly, effectively conveying the message of NOV's Lifecycle Performance Program Service and its collaborative and beneficial nature. The final product was ready to be shared on their websites and utilized as a powerful sales tool.

We take pride in our role in bringing NOV's vision to life, capturing the essence of their service and effectively demonstrating its value to their clients. The video stands as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between our teams and the dedication of everyone involved.

NOV Lifecycle Performance Program