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Videography, Motion Graphics, Tracking & VFX, Voice-over Scouting, Audio Editing

Team Members

Rafael, Jocelyn, Wyatt, Micheal


After Effects, Premiere Pro

NOV Lifecycle Performance Program

The details

NOV approached us with an idea they needed help implementing. We sat with their creative team and walked through the animatic they had developed, understanding the goals, and reviewing expectations. NOV wanted to share the journey of how their Lifecycle Performance Program Service could help their clients at every step of the way and be there for them in a beneficial, highly collaborative function while demonstrating their new AR support.

Soon we were off filming at their Houston facility and working with their staff, who volunteered as on-screen talent (a multi-talented group of great people!). A couple of rounds later, the video was complete and ready to post on their sites and use as a sales tool.

NOV Lifecycle Performance Program