Company Policies

1. Our payment schedule for video work is as following:
50% before we begin work
25% midway through the project
25% due on final delivery

If there is a delay in payment, we will pause work until payments are made. If there is an immovable deadline that must be met, and the staff needs to stay overtime to complete because of a delay in payment, rush fees will be included.

2. We will fix any glitches found within 30 days of delivery. Glitches include:
a. Black frames
b. Frame pops
c. Watermarked music track or watermarked images
d. Graphics popping in and out of the scene when they are not supposed to
e. Frame and image distortions
f. Corrupted delivery file

Glitches do not include any last-minute revisions and copy changes to the final video.

3. We are not in the business of doing free work. Clients cannot demand that we provide free services and deliverables such as RAW footage and working files.

4. Our original scope of work and the quoted price will be valid throughout the project. The price and scope will change when there are scope creeps. This can include:

a. Requesting more revision opportunities
b. Adding new elements and/or deliveries to the project
c. Increasing the duration of the video
d. Use of the video outside of the original agreement
e. Missing feedback deadlines
f. Missing payment deadlines
g. Moving backwards in the process, such as but not limited to, script edits during production, design changes in the final round of animation, new voice over options after the talent had been approved and recorded, and so on.

5. All revisions must be delivered in writing via email. Revision requests must be detailed and thorough. 

Example: “This doesn’t look like our graphic.” 

Needs to be “Please reference our graphics here (link or image attachment) for storyboard frames 04 and 12. We’re looking for something similar in design and color as the example we attached.”

Failure to provide detailed and accurate feedback, in a timely manner, can delay the process for our team to begin work on changes. We may have to push back the deadline for every day we spend clarifying the requests or waiting for a response. If there is an immovable deadline that must be met, and the staff needs to stay overtime to complete because of a delay in communication, rush fees will be included.

6. We do not cover expenses in our service fees unless stated otherwise. Our team will create an estimate for expenses based on the project scope, and our experience with similar projects. There will be a cap on expenses, and we will notify you if we need to increase that cap with good reason. We cannot negotiate on our expenses because we do not have the power to change our vendor’s pricing structure. Final invoices will include all receipts and payments of expenses with an industry standard markup of 10%.

7. If you are looking for reduced pricing on the promise that more work will be coming, you must have a signed agreement with start dates of the future projects and a down payment of at least 40% of the service costs.

8. We do not sign our client’s standard agreement forms. Our client may make reasonable modifications to our standard agreement document. This does not include vendor forms and other documentation to get us into the client's vendor system.

9. In the Master Standard Agreement, we have a set limit of the amount of changes allowed. If there is more change requested than time budgeted, we will ask that you make a priority list of importance. To make all of the requested changes beyond the allowed time will result in a change order.    

10. We seldom take on expedited work, when we do it is with clients who we have worked with before and are in good standing with, and on a case by case basis. Any expedited work will include a rush fee in order to accommodate for potential or actual freelance, overtime, or communication issues. Project managers will be asked to sign a rush order responsibilities promissory note. This outlines responsibilities we need from the team to move forward effectively. You can find that here.

11. Our rates are competitive in the industry and for the quality work that we do. We do not offer a reduction in work quality for a reduction of rates, however we will work with your team to find a solution to meet your needs and expectations.

12. We can not be held responsible for the quality of assets provided by the client to be used in the production. We will use what’s given to us in the best manner possible. 

13. We can not move forward with the start of a project without adequate reference material. If there is a delay of references, brand guidelines, or other assets needed to begin work, we will delay the project until all agreed assets have been delivered. 

Moving forward without proper assets can result in more changes from the lack of reference material can likely lead to revisions outside of scope. We will remind you often of missing assets.

14. Projects with significant delays (10 days) after the initial start time will be considered closed and billed based on the amount of work completed, scheduled, and costs spent. Funds spent but not acquired will be due Net 15 after the project is closed, and unused funds will be reimbursed or saved for the next project as per the client’s preference.

15. We will not take on projects that include knowingly misleading information, abuse to human or animal talent, inappropriate content, and/or pornography.

16. Our working files do not come standard with video deliverables, and my not be available for purchase.

17. During the COVID pandemic, we require all in-person events to wear masks and sanitize hands when entering our workspace or events with 2 or more attendees. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, we will create a virtual meeting space on a portal device to allow safe access to the video shoot or meeting.

18. All third party (stock) assets should be assumed to be non-transferable, as this would conflict with our agreements with those companies.