Harris County Clerks Office


Storyboards, Audio & Motion Graphics

Team Members

Rafael, Jocelyn, Chris Vela & The Black Sheep Agency


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Vote Your Way July Run Off

The details

This video project was a collaboration between Control Shift Video and The Black Sheep Agency, working together to bring the Vote Your Way campaign to life. Using the brand guidelines provided by The Black Sheep Agency, our team played a crucial role in creating the storyboard, developing graphic visuals, animating the content, and crafting the audio mix in four different languages.

Throughout the project, we maintained open lines of communication and worked closely with both The Black Sheep Agency and their client to ensure that the visual storytelling aligned with their goals and expectations. We provided multiple rounds of storyboards and animations, incorporating feedback and making necessary adjustments along the way to create a final product that met their vision.

The Vote Your Way campaign video served as a key component of a broader marketing campaign devised by The Black Sheep Agency. It was strategically deployed on social media platforms as native and paid ads, as well as being utilized in local advertising broadcasts, including television and radio.

We take pride in our collaboration with The Black Sheep Agency and their client, as we collectively worked towards creating a compelling and impactful video that effectively conveyed the message of the Vote Your Way campaign. By leveraging our expertise in visual storytelling and animation, we contributed to the campaign's success and helped reach a wider audience through various digital and traditional advertising channels.

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Vote Your Way July Run Off