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Harris County Clerks Office


Storyboards, Audio & Motion Graphics

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Rafael, Jocelyn, Chris Vela & The Black Sheep Agency


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Vote Your Way July Run Off

The details

This video was a collaboration between Control Shift Video and The Black Sheep Agency.

Our team, using the Vote Your Way brandguidlines developed by Black Sheep, helped create the storyboard (graphic visuals, animation, and audio mix in 4 different languages.

Additional Languages:

We worked directly with The Black Sheep Agency and their client to develop visual storytelling that met the goals and expectations of both groups by providing rounds of storyboards and animations and making adjustments along the way.

Vote Your Way campaign video was part of a larger marketing campaign built by The Black Sheep Agency.

The video could be seen on social media as native and paid ads. Local advertising broadcast, airing on both local TV and Radio.

Vote Your Way July Run Off