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Creative Direction, Storyboarding, Motion Graphics

Team Members

Rafael, Jocelyn, Kirk


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, AutoDesk 3DS Max, Element 3D


The details

Going into this video, we knew that it would be one of our longer videos. How do we keep it entertaining and informative while remaining true to the reliable and professional OtterBox brand? The modular options for the case make it difficult to hone in on specific audiences, because we had to work in several while leaving the door open for more. Our approach was to keep it lively, where there was room for humor- add it- but not go overboard. It’s a fine balance between hints of a silly infomercial, action movie references, mad scientists, relatable scenarios, and technical details. This would help trigger moments in real life to remind viewers of this video and the simple modular solutions OtterBox provides.

OtterBox sent over their script and our storytellers got to work. They came back with a copy outline of possible on-screen graphics, and after some review with the rest of team they were able to narrow it down to one path. We used this outline to guide our storyboards, and later our animation.  During the storyboard process, we realized that the cases needed more than just flat interpretations, they needed full life. Our motion designer stepped in with a full render 2D – 3D style case that perfectly integrated with our 2D style.

Our goal was to show how simple it is to use uniVERSE Case System for a wide range of practical applications to a growing list of businesses that would benefit. The video is used in sales tools as modular chapters, as well as full videos –both in person and online. The video has been well received by the creative team, sales team, and audiences.