Creative Direction, Storyboarding, Motion Graphics

Team Members

Rafael, Jocelyn, Kirk


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, AutoDesk 3DS Max, Element 3D


The details

When approaching the creation of this video, we were aware that it would be one of our longer productions. Our challenge was to strike a balance between keeping it entertaining and informative while staying true to the reliable and professional OtterBox brand. The modular options offered by the case added another layer of complexity, as we needed to cater to various audiences while leaving room for future expansion.

Our strategy was to infuse the video with liveliness, incorporating moments of humor without going overboard. It was a delicate balance, encompassing hints of a playful infomercial, references to action movies, elements of mad scientists, relatable scenarios, and technical details. This approach aimed to create memorable moments that would resonate with viewers, reminding them of real-life situations where OtterBox's simple modular solutions provide practical solutions.

OtterBox provided us with a script, and our storytellers immediately began their work. They developed a copy outline, exploring various on-screen graphics possibilities. After a thorough review with the rest of the team, we narrowed down the choices to a single cohesive path. This outline served as a guide for our storyboards, providing a visual roadmap for the subsequent animation.

During the storyboard process, we realized that the cases needed more than just flat interpretations; they required a dynamic presence. Our talented motion designer stepped in, creating a fully rendered 2D-3D hybrid style for the cases that seamlessly integrated with our 2D animation.

Our primary goal was to demonstrate the simplicity of using the uniVERSE Case System for a wide range of practical applications, appealing to a growing list of businesses that could benefit from its versatility. The video was designed as modular chapters for use in sales tools and also as full-length videos for both in-person presentations and online distribution.

The video has received positive feedback from the creative team, sales team, and audiences alike. It successfully captures the essence of OtterBox's brand while showcasing the flexibility and practicality of the uniVERSE Case System. Its reception highlights the effectiveness of our approach in creating engaging and informative content that resonates with the target audience.