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Redeemed Get Involved


Redeemed Ministries


Cinematography, Motion Graphics

Team Members

Rafael and Jocelyn


Sony AR7 iii, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

The details

After the social media success of the Redeemed Gala video, David and the Storytelling team decided to keep pushing forward with video content. Our goal now was to get people involved with the missions, goals and mindset by inviting them to join RedM.

Luckily David is a pro at talking on camera, so when our team went to his house to shoot we got a ton of great footage to work with. After making the edit, we color corrected and added motion graphics to break up the shots of David and give a more visual context.

(Please note that all Houston city shots were donated to Redeemed and not shot by our team!)

Similar to the Gala event, this video received more views, likes, and shares than copy or still images did, proving yet again how powerful of a tool video is.


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