Redeemed Ministries


Motion Graphics

Team Members

Rafael and Jocelyn


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Redeemed Gala Event Invite

The details

By happenstance, Jocelyn ran across David Reed's LinkedIn post searching for marketers to help with a human trafficking awareness and recovery program. As a group, we knew that we could help do something for our community and this was it. We worked with David and the rest of the storytelling team to develop a motion graphic invite to their fall gala to help raise funds that would go toward helping survivors recover, and transition them back into society.

We worked closely with David and the team from concept to completion, ensuring that the graphics and branding matched the Gala and the message from Redeemed.

The Gala was a huge success and the video invite outperformed image (by x3) and text posts (by x4) on all social media platforms.

Redeemed Gala Event Invite