Creative Direction and 3D Animation

Team Members

Rafael and Jocelyn


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3ds Max

OtterSpot Introduction and Sizzle

The details

OtterBox needed a sizzle video for a new portable, wireless charger to originally premiere at CES 2019. The video needed to show the unique features in an exciting and thrilling way to catch the attention of our audiences.

We wanted to play on the color of the product and the power lights on the puck to give a high-contrast appeal. The team also developed various backgrounds and converted them into lines to keep the focus on our star and allude to being able to travel with the OtterSpot. This was a very quick project that required moving into the animation phase as quickly as possible, so to sign off on the idea we put together a Moodboard of the concept, got approval, then began building.

"Wanna deliver top-shelf collateral and come off like a hero in your organization? Then call Control Shift Video. Jocelyn and Rafael bring all the goods - you get all the glory! " - Michael Kirby | Creative Director at Otter Products

OtterSpot Introduction and Sizzle