3D Texturing, Video Tracking, Visual FX, Compositing

Team Members

Rafael and Jocelyn


Sytheyes, Mocha Pro, Adobe After Effects, Google HDRI Capture, Adobe Premiere


The details

When MINI approached us with the challenge of adapting an international ad for the North American market, we were presented with a unique problem. The commercial had already been shot and produced using a different model, but MINI needed to showcase a slightly different version of the car for their North American audience. Our task was to seamlessly update the car in a way that no one could tell it wasn't originally filmed.

One of the major hurdles we faced was matching the highlights and reflections of the original video, including road and location reflections. Our team embarked on an extensive search, exploring various major cities worldwide, to find locations that not only resembled the city in the commercial but also had weather conditions that matched. Utilizing Google Maps, we identified a few street locations that could be modified to fit seamlessly, and we meticulously adjusted our car's paint materials to reflect the correct distance and seamlessly blend in.

Given that this was a video project, we employed advanced techniques using Sytheyes to track and generate 3D data, which we then imported into 3DS Max. Aligning the shots precisely, our team skillfully combined all the elements to create a flawlessly realistic video.

The end result was a resounding success! The MINI team was astounded by the quality of the edited video and could hardly believe that any modifications had been made unless they compared before and after screenshots side by side.

This project showcased our team's dedication and expertise in overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional results. By seamlessly updating the car model to meet the specific requirements of the North American market, we ensured that MINI's message resonated with the intended audience, maintaining the integrity of their brand while adapting to regional preferences.

It was a success! The team at MINI could not believe that the video had been edited unless they put up before and after screenshots.