MicroPort Orthopedics


Creative Direction, Storyboarding, Script Recommendations, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Audio Mix

Team Members

Ib, Rafael, Julianna, and Jocelyn


Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro

MicroPort Orthopedics KA

The details

Control Shift Video collaborated with MicroPort Orthopedics' marketing and medical teams to create accurate and regulatory-approved content showcasing their hip alignment product and its results. This partnership involved the development of visuals that met the stringent standards set by the medical field and regulatory authorities.

Our team worked closely with doctors and surgeons who actively perform these procedures to ensure that the visual strategy accurately represented the medical process. We recognized the importance of adhering to regulatory and legal requirements, and our collaboration ensured that the content met these standards.

By combining our expertise in video production with the knowledge and insights of the medical professionals, we were able to create informative and compelling content that effectively showcased the benefits of MicroPort Orthopedics' hip alignment product. The accurate depictions and attention to detail in the visuals provided doctors and patients with valuable information and insights into the product and its outcomes.

Through this collaboration, we successfully delivered content that not only met regulatory and legal standards but also provided a comprehensive understanding of the hip alignment product and its effectiveness.

MicroPort Orthopedics KA