Wizards of the Coast x Card Kingdom


Design and Motion Graphics

Team Members

Rafael and Jocelyn


Pencil and Paper, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Magic The Gathering 25th Anniversary

The details

Card Kingdom and Control Shift Video joined forces to create an unforgettable experience for the Magic The Gathering fan base. Together, we developed a Twitch game show featuring 5 MTG mega influencers, and we wanted to make it truly exceptional. Our graphic layout was meticulously planned to showcase the mini games, the participants, and the enthusiastic audience.

One of the major challenges we faced was the ever-evolving nature of the mini games. As they were still being refined during the art development phase, we had to remain agile and adapt our designs accordingly. We held off on certain sections until we received more details, ensuring that our visuals perfectly aligned with the gameplay experience.

Our creative direction was clear: we aimed for a style reminiscent of Adventure Time and Rocko's Modern Life. We wanted something tongue-in-cheek, leveraging the inherent silliness of the game itself. Before diving into digital editing, we focused on nailing down the precise style. Our talented team sketched various options for locations, characters, and player UIs, refining the visuals until they matched our vision.

With the game show rapidly approaching, we faced tight deadlines. We split our team to work on different sections of the graphics, ensuring everything was ready a week prior to the live testing phase. The launch was a resounding success, attracting a peak of 270 viewers and receiving overwhelmingly positive reactions to both the talent and the art style. It was a proud tribute to the 25th anniversary of Magic The Gathering, and fans immediately clamored for more episodes of the game show.

Working alongside Card Kingdom, we created an immersive and entertaining experience that brought joy to fans of this beloved game franchise.

Magic The Gathering 25th Anniversary