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Yellow Jacket Oil Tools


Creative Direction, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation

Team Members

Cale, Kirk, Rafael and Jocelyn


Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

M1 Frac Plug

The details

We wanted to create something unique to Yellow Jacket, something that captured their style and straight forward messaging while looking better than their competitor video samples. One of the biggest factors that influenced our direction with this style was the comment "don't have the dirt downhole background, it's been done too much".

We searched their content, websites and sales guides for direction and found two options that fit their brand. Option 1 was more dramatic, but aligned with a lot of the black and white footage on the site, while Option 2 mimicked the M1 landing page. We blended both styles with a tech feel that was leveraged from their "More Advanced" slogan.

M1 Frac Plug - Dark Options
Option 1
M1 Frac Plug - Light Option
Option 2

The M1 Frac Plug video has been making waves for the company, as they look to expand their video library.

M1 Frac Plug