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Creative Direction, Design, Storyboarding, Motion Graphics

Team Members

Rafael, Jocelyn, Kirk and our Special Guest Designer Arick


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro


The details

When we got the message that OtterBox wanted to work with us to launch a new product, a renewable super box that would be simple to use but benefited our environment, we were hyped! We knew we needed to capture 'fresh' with every frame, while being bright, joyful, and hopeful. To help us with this great endeavor, we contacted a long time friend Arick to work with our team on some amazing design work.

We spent a lot of time developing and refining the look we wanted with Liviri, and a lot of care went into how we animated it. We worked with the OtterBox creative team to pick out the perfect song that fit the fresh folky style.

This video resides front and center on their website, social media, and in their sales tools - helping to engage the new mindset and making a difference for our big beautiful planet.