Common App


Creative Direction, Audio Editing and Motion Graphics

Team Members

Kirk, Jocelyn, Rafael and The Black Sheep Agency


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Common App Rebrand

The details

Our team paired up with The Black Sheep Agency to rock the socks off this conference. Black Sheep wrote the amazing copy and coordinated all the feedback during this process while our team focused on the creative direction, visual elements, audio and motion design. Let's just say, we're a good pair.

Common App was set to present the new rebrand during one of their member meetings, and their concern with the announcement is that this reliable app that everyone had known for decades is now changes - "How do we make this transition less scary to long time members?"

We start with the concept of slowly dipping your toes into the water to be comfortable, allowing the person to slowly adjust over time and reduce the shock factor. We accomplished this in two ways.

  1. A visual transformation over time, starting with a familiar look and conservative color scheme and slowly introduce more of the new brand color.
  2. A music track that would build up over time that would complement the growth we see visually.

Common App Day was August 1st 2019, the rebrand is live across the web.

Common App Rebrand