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Creative Direction, 3D Animation, Copy Treatment

Team Members

Rafael and Jocelyn


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3DS Max


The details

When OtterBox came to us about the new screens they're offering, we were excited to see them taking the next step into phone protection but also wondered, "How do we highlight something that is clear?" We soon recalled diamond commercials that showed clear diamonds raining down from the sky with shiny highlights on a dark, volume lit room.

To get the high contrast look, we utilized the screen lights to reflect off the glass and selected an HDRI that would give the best edging and topped it off with lens flare FX. We didn't want to stop there, we wanted it to feel dramatic with quick cuts, slow mos and field of view blurs.

This video was first played during OtterRocks, an internal conference for the sales team to inspire and increase sales. The sales team were wowed by the video and asked the Director shortly afterward, "When can we get the video!?". Since then, the video has been played on social media.

"Wanna deliver top-shelf collateral and come off like a hero in your organization? Then call Control Shift Video. Jocelyn and Rafael bring all the goods - you get all the glory! " - Michael Kirby | Creative Director at Otter Products