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The Top 5 Videos You Should Use to Kickstart Your Marketing Campaign

When it comes to content marketing, video usually gets the best response. Videos are one of the most profitable digital marketing tools.  A video on your website can lead directly to sales.  Studies show that 74% of viewers who watched a video about a product or service eventually bought it.

You don't need fancy video equipment and tools to create a compelling marketing video.  You don't even need or to hire someone to provide videography services.    However, creating a fantastic high-quality marketing video helps to have motion graphics and other bells and whistles.  

If you're looking to start a video marketing campaign, here are the top five types of videos you should create to get started.

1.   Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short-form video that highlights a company's product or service.  Most businesses host explainer videos on a landing page or feature them on the home page of their website.  Some even post them on their Facebook page and other social media sites.  

Explainer videos are usually under three minutes long; many are just one to two minutes.  They focus on addressing specific problems, explaining their product or service, and showing why they are the solution.  Explainer videos also have a solid call to action (CTA).  They clearly state what they want their audience to do after watching.  

Livri provides a great example of an explainer video.  Liviri uses animation to describe their renewable super box that is simple to use and environmentally friendly.

2.   Product Demo    

Product demos are ideal for showcasing your product to prospective and existing customers. In addition, a product demo video can provide a step-by-step visual guide on how your product works.  

Animated product demos are compelling.  3D product demos can help viewers to understand better how your product works. In addition, 3D visualization, nice music, and other video effects can make your product demos more appealing to your audience, which can help increase sales.

A great example of A 3D product demo is from Otterbox. They wanted to showcase their new portable wireless charger.  The video excitingly shows their unique features.    

3.    Broadcast Advertising Videos

The most classic type of video you can produce is the 15 to 30-second commercial. However, the content of your commercial can widely vary depending on your brand and the story you want to tell.  The advantage of producing a commercial is that it can be distributed anywhere. For example, it can be shown on TV or on online platforms like YouTube.    

Advertising videos should be immediately engaging and concisely tell your story within a relatively short time.  

Commercials by MINI and the Harris County Clerk Office provide great examples.  MINI recreated an international ad to run in North America. The Harris County Clerk Office had a "Get Out the Vote" ad produced using audio and motion graphics.

The Harris County Clerk ad was seen on social media as native and paid ads.  It also aired on local radio and TV stations.  

4.    The Testimonial Video

A great way to attract new business is to have existing customers explain how your product or service helped them. When potential customers see how passionate your existing customers are, they'll want to do business with you more likely.  

Have an existing customer on camera rave about your product or service.  Show that customer using your product or telling a story about how your product or service helped them solve a significant problem.  That will get your new customers excited about your brand.  

An example of an excellent testimonial video is from Apple Watch.  This video testimonial highlights some unexpected events that made the four interview subjects a satisfied customer.  The device saved their lives or the life of someone they care about.  

5.    The Case Study Video

A case study should describe your client's challenges and how your company provided the solution as a testimonial.  

Case study videos can help raise awareness about what you do and help you attract new customers.

This case study video from Rapt Media is an excellent example.  It shows how they provided research to help guide the marketing strategy and lead generation services of Room 214.  This paid off by filling their sales pipeline with high-quality leads.  


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