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As a Houston-based video production company, we're obsessed with making memorable marketing videos for serious tech companies looking to build their brands. Our award-winning team can help by producing high-quality photoreal 3D animation, 2D motion graphics, cinematophagrapy, and mind-blowing visual effects.

Unveiling the Magic: A Deep Dive into Our 2D Animation (Motion Graphics) Video Services

At Control Shift Video, our 2D animation (motion graphics) video services are meticulously crafted to bring your brand, story, and message to life. This comprehensive guide will take you through the intricacies of our video production process, elucidate the impact of budget, timeline, and creative complexity, and shed light on our commitment to quality through our glitch-free guarantee.

The Process: From Concept to Creation

Discovery Meeting: Unveiling Your Vision

Our video journey begins with a vital step: the discovery meeting. Here, we engage in a comprehensive dialogue delving into your brand, voice, goals, challenges, and needs. This immersive talk aligns our team with your vision, ensuring your video resonates with your essence, conveying your story and message.

Meeting duration varies, adapting to complexity. For instance, technical topics demand more time upfront. This understanding prevents hiccups arising from a lack of insight, curbing rework.

Experts' involvement is key. Their insights shape the video's direction. With a structured agenda, we streamline discussions, ensuring thorough coverage and focused sessions.

This collaborative process bridges your vision with our expertise, paving the way for a video that captures your essence, communicating effectively to your audience.

Scripting: Crafting the Story

Our script creation process combines technical precision with captivating storytelling. Whether starting anew or refining your draft, our skilled team ensures your message shines. We seamlessly adapt the script's tone, merging AI and human expertise for resonance with your audience.

For your own script, ensure alignment with the desired duration (around 150-160 words per minute). This harmonizes content with video length, enhancing impact.

Our strength lies in tailoring the script's voice to match your brand and insights from the discovery phase. From technical intricacies to lighthearted storytelling, our scripts capture your essence.

Delivered as Word documents, collaborative revisions are effortless. Your input refines the script, making it an integral part of your narrative vision. Our focus is to craft a script that resonates, engaging your audience profoundly.

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Mood Board: Illuminating Style Possibilities

The optional mood board is a creative treasure chest, perfect for clients seeking style inspiration. This visual compilation offers various style options that fit your budget, giving you a sneak peek into your video's potential aesthetic. While immensely beneficial, we ensure it aligns with your budget before recommending its inclusion.

A mood board is a curated collection of visuals—colors, images, typography samples—that encapsulate your video's intended look and feel. It's a creative compass, guiding us to visually interpret your vision.

When considering a mood board, we weigh its value against your budget. We're conscious of your unique financial considerations and aim to offer the best recommendation for your needs.

What makes a mood board truly remarkable is its power to foster understanding between you and our team. It's a conduit for communication, showcasing our creative direction while giving you space to express preferences.

Style Frames: Perfecting the Look

Style frames act as vital glimpses into your video's visual universe, offering a preview and adjustment opportunity before the full design and animation phase. These frames capture chosen scenes from the script, rendered in your brand's aesthetic. Their purpose is to facilitate refinements before committing to resource-intensive animation.

A style frame is a meticulously designed image representing your video's visual essence—a snapshot frozen in time. It encapsulates your brand, message, and mood in a single visual statement.

Style frames shine as testing grounds. We create them for pivotal script scenes, embodying your chosen style. This lets you visualize the style's potential and make fine-tuned adjustments to ensure alignment with your vision.

This step streamlines animation by enabling changes prior to complex animation work. It's an effective strategy to ensure visuals harmonize with your brand, saving both time and effort.

Storyboard: Shaping the Narrative

Storyboarding is a vital phase, forming the video's visual foundation. It outlines scene sequences, ensuring a clear visual flow before intricate animation.

Starting with hand-drawn sketches, we strategically arrange them as storyboards. This visual guide aids pacing, composition, and scene progression. These sketches evolve into illustrated storyboards in later rounds.

This progression prevents unnecessary rework. Initial sketches allow feedback-based adjustments without redrawing complex illustrations. This foresight tackles potential changes in scenes or composition during feedback.

Storyboarding aligns visuals before animation, streamlining creativity and reducing rework. It solidifies the creative vision for a smooth animation phase.

More on breaking down storyboards to and maximizing feedback while staying within scope: www.controlshiftvideo.com/post/navigating-storyboards-a-clients-guide-to-understanding-evaluating-and-providing-feedback

Animation: Drafting the Magic

Our animation production follows a meticulous process that revolves around iterative rounds. It all starts with an initial draft that's approximately 50% complete. This intentional approach serves as a critical checkpoint, allowing us to align closely on essential aspects such as general motion, timing, and transitions. By focusing on these foundational elements early on, we ensure that the animation captures the intended rhythm and flow before delving into final polishing.

It's worth noting that the animation drafts incorporate assets that were approved during the storyboard rounds. This continuity guarantees that the creative vision developed in the storyboarding phase seamlessly translates into the animation.

However, the completion percentages of each round and the overall number of rounds might be subject to adjustments based on factors such as budget constraints or timeline limitations. Flexibility in the number of rounds allows us to tailor the process to accommodate the unique needs of each project, while ensuring that the final product meets your expectations and effectively conveys your message.

More on how to review your animation drafts and staying in budget: www.controlshiftvideo.com/post/animation-review-and-feedback-streamlining-the-process-for-outstanding-results

Extending ROI: Going Beyond the Video

We extend the value of our services by offering social media cut-downs, resizing, SRT closed captions for accessibility and SEO, and animated web-friendly JSON animation files to enhance your website's interactivity.

Social Media Recommended Video Sizes:

  1. Facebook: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
  2. Instagram Feed: 1080 x 1080 pixels (1:1 aspect ratio)
  3. Instagram Stories: 1080 x 1920 pixels (9:16 aspect ratio)
  4. Twitter: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
  5. LinkedIn: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
  6. Reasoning: Adhering to recommended sizes ensures that your video displays optimally across different social media platforms. It prevents cropping, distortion, or loss of content, leading to a more professional and engaging visual experience.

Closed Captions for Video:

Closed captions enhance video accessibility and engagement. They make your content inclusive for viewers with hearing impairments and provide an option for those in noisy environments or situations where sound isn't possible. Additionally, closed captions improve SEO by adding text that search engines can index, boosting your video's discoverability.

Perks of JSON File Animations

  • Web Interactivity: JSON animations add interactivity to your website, engaging users and enhancing user experience.
  • Small File Sizes: JSON files are compact, resulting in faster loading times and smoother animations.
  • Scalability: JSON animations can adapt to different screen sizes, making them suitable for various devices.
  • Consistency: JSON animations maintain design consistency across platforms and devices.
  • Compatibility: JSON is compatible with modern web technologies, ensuring your animations work seamlessly.

Understanding the Factors: Budget, Timeline, and Complexity

The Budget Spectrum

Budget plays a pivotal role in shaping the scope of our engagement. It affects various aspects, including the extent of our team's involvement, process deliverables, the complexity of the creative style, revision cycles, and the time allotted for revisions.

In essence, the budget you allocate for your project serves as a compass guiding the depth and breadth of our collaboration. It defines the extent to which our team can immerse itself in the project, contributing our expertise and resources.

Notably, some budgets necessitate active client participation to maximize project efficiency. This involvement might encompass providing essential components like a script, a preferred style, or even an action script that outlines specific on-screen actions. This strategic approach optimizes project hours and ensures that our creative efforts align seamlessly with your vision.

Ultimately, budget acts as a dynamic factor in the video production process. It's not just about the financial aspect; it's about calibrating the level of engagement, refining creative complexity, and tailoring the process to create a video that effectively conveys your message within the parameters you define.

The Timeline Equation

The timeframe allocated for your project has a profound impact on both the creative style and the budget. Time acts as a dynamic force, influencing the level of creative intricacy and the resources required to bring your vision to life.

A shorter timeline often necessitates a streamlined creative style. This might involve opting for a more straightforward design and animation approach that can be executed within the given timeframe. On the other hand, a more extended timeline provides the luxury of delving into more intricate creative avenues, allowing for the development of visually captivating and complex animations.

It's important to recognize that custom animation isn't as simple as pressing a "create" button (though technology is progressing!). The process remains a meticulous endeavor that demands significant time investment. Crafting a video that aligns with your vision, brand, and message takes not just dozens, but potentially hundreds of hours of careful planning, design, animation, and refinement.

Grasping Creative Complexity

Understanding design complexity can be challenging, but it plays a pivotal role in shaping the timeline and budget of your project. Let's use a relatable analogy to illustrate this concept:

Imagine creating a painting of a flower. On one end, you have a toddler using finger paints and simple strokes to depict a flower on a piece of paper. This process is quick and straightforward, taking minimal time and resources.

On the other end, envision a skilled professional painter meticulously crafting a flower using oil paints on a life-sized canvas. This involves intricate details, blending of colors, and capturing the delicate nuances of each petal. As you can imagine, this level of intricacy demands significantly more time and resources compared to the toddler's finger-painting.

This analogy extends to animation. A simple flat-style animation, akin to the toddler's finger-painting, is quicker to produce as it involves basic elements and movements. However, a complex 3D-inspired motion graphic with intricate character movements and detailed scene transitions is akin to the professional painter's masterpiece—it demands substantial time, effort, and resources to achieve.

It's crucial to recognize that complexity isn't just about aesthetics; it involves the technical intricacies of design, animation, and transitions. As complexity increases, so does the level of detail, refinement, and overall effort required to bring the animation to life.

The Billing and Glitch-Free Guarantee

Payment Structure

Our standard billing includes a 50% downpayment to reserve our time. At the 75% completion milestone, we bill another 25%, and the final 25% and any additional expenses (if applicable) are billed upon delivery.

The Glitch-Free Guarantee

We stand by our work with a 30-day glitch-free guarantee. We're committed to ensuring that your video is flawless, and we'll correct any unintentional issues like pops, jumps, and black frames at no extra cost.


Our 2D animation (motion graphics) video services offer a journey of creativity, collaboration, and craftsmanship. From discovery meetings to script crafting, style exploration to animation, we guide you through a transparent process. Understanding the dynamics of budget, timeline, and creative complexity empowers you to make informed decisions. With our glitch-free guarantee, we are dedicated to delivering videos that meet your expectations, align with your brand, and captivate your audience. At Control Shift Video, your vision is our canvas, and together, we craft exceptional stories.

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