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VFX Can Save Your Marketing Budget Thousands of Dollars

High performing marketing videos can make or break your campaign. The hours it takes to create just the right video to resonate with your audience and nurture them down the sales funnel is worth every penny. Since marketing videos typically take a large part of your budget, it can be a difficult decision to walk away from a video at the end of a campaign. This is especially true if new products or services you offer only change slightly from year to year. Rather than beginning the creative process from the beginning for each campaign, you can save substantial time and money by turning to VFX services. 

How VFX Works In Marketing Videos

VFX services are a perfect mix of extreme attention to detail and patience. In order to make edits in marketing videos (whether they are big or small), every detail of the original shot must be considered first. From the lighting and scenery to the shadows, movements, and background objects, every detail must be isolated and understood to create seamless edits. 

Once all of the intricate details are identified, 3D data of the requested edits is created and imported into the video. All of the elements and frames must then be pieced together to ensure the edits and original shots are indistinguishable. It can take a few hours to a few weeks to complete this project, but our expert team doesn’t mind going the extra mile to ensure every detail is just right. 

Why VFX Saves You Money

The creative process for any marketing video is incredibly costly. Aside from the production costs, the time it takes for the light bulb to come on in a meeting and come up with the new idea for a video can take a substantial amount of time. Every day that is spent on the creative process is an opportunity cost that removes your creative minds from working on other tasks. 

When you retarget your focus to making edits on videos that already produce high engagement and generate substantial ROI, you save thousands in opportunity costs. Your creative team can focus on other projects while you trust our team to make the VFX edits to the marketing video that will be used in your next campaign. 

A perfect example of how beneficial XFV edits can be for a company is the MINI project. The North American model of the MINI had only a few small changes from the model used in the commercial. MINI wanted to use the international ad in the United States, but the company did not want to falsely advertise the vehicle Americans could purchase. Instead of embarking on a lengthy production process, MINI reached out to us for assistance. Our VFX services allowed MINI to utilize their high performing international ad and avoid filming a brand new commercial. 

We’re The VFX Experts Who Available When You Need Us

Our award winning agency is always available to help with projects both large and small. We are firm believers that marketing videos can be repurposed to serve your needs. It doesn’t matter to us if you only need a few stylistic edits or need to incorporate large changes. We are happy to help you produce the exact marketing videos you need to produce high performing campaigns. Please review our portfolio for more examples of our VFX services and then contact us today to get started. 

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