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How To Capitalize on Sales Demo Videos

Sales demo videos are an exceptional tool at every business’ disposal that can be used to sell its product at any hour of the day. You can nurture your leads during business hours or at 4 o’clock in the morning while they are battling insomnia. However, your sales demo videos will only work if they are produced correctly. Be sure to use the following to capitalize on all of your hard work:

  • Reiterate They Are Social Distancing Approved
  • Customize Video To Various Customer Profiles
  • Create Scripts That Drive The Sale Home
  • Follow Up Demos Can Easily Be Produced
  • Incorporate Highly Engaging 3-D Animation

While it may feel like some sales demo videos are hit or miss, yours will be a success if you follow our tips. 

Reiterate They Are Social Distancing Approved

We currently live in the COVID-19 era, and we will be along after the days of social distancing are over. However, some people will always be wary of catching the virus and spreading it to their family members who are more likely to experience symptoms. 

To capitalize on your video with every potential customer, reiterate how your business is social distancing approved. By watching your sales demo, your lead never has to come within six feet of you and risk spreading COVID-19. This will become a permanent part of business, so embrace it now so you can capitalize later. 

Customize Video To Various Customer Profiles

With the amount of big data in the cloud, it has never been easier to understand what type of customer profile each of your leads fit. You can create videos to speak to each type of customer directly to ensure you can land the sale. Your sales demo videos should have a few variations that address the pain and pleasure points of each customer type. Once you address these points, you can expect to nurture your leads farther down the pipeline. 

Create Scripts That Drive The Sale Home

Since you are not delivering the sales demo in-person, you have the opportunity to nail down exactly what you want to say to your potential customers. You can create a natural script that is powerful and delivers just the right message that converts your leads into sales. If you aren’t sure where to get started on writing your script, check out some of our best tips in our blog

Follow Up Demos Can Easily Be Produced

Using the tools you already have on hand for your marketing strategy, you can retarget leads who interacted with your sales demo video. Some tools can let you know how long they watched the video and if they interacted with the page in any way. You can use this information to create exceptional follow up videos that can re-engage and further nurture your leads. 

Incorporate Highly Engaging 3D Animation

3D animation is a wonderful way to show your lead exactly what you are trying to sell them. Whether it is a service or product that is highly complex or incredibly simple, a 3D animation allows your lead to virtually interact with what you are trying to sell. Since they are simply watching the sales demo video on a screen, you need to capture and keep their attention. While they can’t touch or feel what you are describing, you can fully show them all angles of the solution they should purchase from you. 

Video Creators & 3D Animation Experts At Your Service

Our award winning video production studio offers a range of services that can help you truly capitalize on your sales demo videos and generate more revenue. From the initial storyboard to final production, we can assist you at every step of the way. We’ve helped countless businesses in Houston and beyond showcase their products and services in their best light through 3D animation, photo real 3D stills, drone videos, motion graphics and our other awarding winning services. Please take a moment to pursue our portfolio and then contact us to get started today!

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