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3 Ways 3D Animation Helps Sell More Products

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words do you think a 3D animation of your product/service is worth? While it's important to have exceptional images and descriptions of your product/service available online, a 3D rendering will give you the exact edge you need to excel beyond your competition. The top three ways 3D animation will help help you improve your revenue include: 

  1. 24/7 Advertising 
  2. High Engagement 
  3. Education 

3D animation should be part of your digital marketing strategy, especially if your competition hasn’t already implemented it. Let’s dive in and learn more about how a 3D rendering can help you business. 

1. 24/7 Advertising On Your Website

Even before we entered the COVID-19 era, businesses around the world noticed the importance of adjusting the customer journey. With nearly 85% of the journey completed before the customer even comes into contact with a representative, it’s been vital for quite some time to ensure your product or service can sell itself around the clock. 

A 3D animation can help you truly explain how your product/service benefits the customer without using words or images. While they may not be able to touch and feel the end result, it will be more lifelike than text on a screen. They can learn about the subject of your 3D rendering from the comfort of their home, even at 3 o’clock in the morning. They won’t need to wait for business hours to better understand what it is you offer. 

2. Higher Engagement On Social Media 

The golden rule for a long time was an image had to be attached to a social media post in order to receive engagement. Text only posts typically performed poorly and weren’t worth the time or effort. However, users' habits have changed and technology has evolved. Now, GIFS and animations have taken over. In fact, posts with some sort of moving part can see anywhere from 50% to 120% higher engagement than a post with an image alone. 

A 3D animation makes people stop and watch it in its entirety because it isn’t as common as other social tactics. It produces a higher engagement because it isn’t overly used at this time. If you can implement this before your competition, you will begin to captivate a larger part of the market and drive more traffic to your website. Better still, higher engagement means your leads are interested. It's easier to nurture interested leads into sales than those who don’t engage with your content at all. 

3. Easier To Educate  

If you have a complicated product or service, it can be hard to turn technical jargon into digestible content. Even images can fail to properly get across what it is you are trying to show a prospect. When you turn to 3D animation, it’s easy to show how each part of a product comes together and what every aspect of a service achieves. 

Once your prospects and leads can understand what they are looking at, you can nurture them down your pipeline much more efficiently. This can help you focus on retargeting marketing efforts on those who truly need to be brought back to your website, rather than those who simply didn’t want to ask questions because they didn’t understand what you offered.

Award Winning 3D Animation Experts

Our team at Control Shift Video in Houston has been creating award winning 3D animation since 2007. We focus on your most important features while bringing your brand to life in captivating 3D animations. Regardless of the industry you operate in, we can help showcase your organization in its best light. From product demotionstations and real estate to photo-real renderings and service applications, we are the experts who can assist you. We encourage you to pursue our portfolio and contact us today with any questions! 

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