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Why Use a Demo Video?

Demo videos are some of the best sales tools in a marketer’s arsenal. They not only demonstrate a product’s use but also its features and benefits. With so much going for them, you’d do well to incorporate demo videos into your marketing strategy.

But what exactly is a video demo and why is it so important you tap into this resource?

Here’s a primer on demo videos: what they are and why you should be using them.

What is a demo video?

A demo video or product demonstration video is a piece of media that demonstrates how a product works by showing it in action. In a sense, they’re an instructional video and promotional tool all in one.

A great demo video will show how your product works while selling your audience on its features. Demo videos are one of the most compelling ways to communicate a product’s worth to your prospective customers.

Now you know what a demo video is, let’s take a look at some reasons why they’re worth it.

1. Proof of product features

Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy to spin marketing. This has made them ever more skeptical about certain marketing techniques. It’s no longer enough to extol the virtues of your product via text, you have to prove that it does what you say it does.

Product demonstration videos are great at proving to a potential customer that your product works as described. They provide a live demonstration of the product and demonstrate how it can solve a user’s problem.

2. Sell the benefits of the product

Demo videos are the perfect medium to sell the benefits of your product without pushing a hard sell on the buyer. Throughout the video, you’re able to show what makes your product unique – what makes it stand out from the competition.

Product demonstration videos also allow you to showcase a product’s specific features. How does this product fill a buyer’s need? A demo video lets you answer this question and more.

3. Negate the need for sales reps

Sales reps were essential cogs in many a marketing machine back in the day, but no more. With the advent of demo videos, you’re able to produce live demonstrations of your product from anywhere, to anywhere, with only an Internet connection needed.

This saves you significant overhead. No more paying salary, commission, travel, accommodation, and other expenses to send sales reps to physical locations. All your demonstrations can be done from the comfort of your computer chair.

4. Improve sales with access to analytics

When you host your demo video online you’ll have access to a wealth of analytics. Click rates, watch times, and more will give you insight into how your potential customers are interacting with your content. This data can play a major role in helping you optimize your sales strategy down the track.

Perhaps customers are dropping out of your video at a particular point. This might indicate that area of your pitch needs work. People clicking through to your product at a specific frame? Might be time to use that section in more marketing material.

5. Provide a how-to for your sales team

Product demonstration videos aren’t always a substitute for in-person sales. That said, they can improve the quality of those sales by providing a blueprint from which your sales team can learn.

When you develop a demo video, you’re also developing a how-to manual. Used effectively, this can improve your sales teams’ technique and give them instructions on how the product ought to be demonstrated. At the end of the day, your sales team will know how the product works, which key benefits they should focus on, and how to time their presentation effectively.

Make your own demo video today

Demo videos are the best way to showcase your products’ potential. With them, you’ll be able to improve sales, better train your team, sell the benefits of your product, and more. Now you know a little more about why you should use a demo video in your marketing efforts.

Looking to develop your own product demos? Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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Demo videos are some of the best sales tools in a marketer’s arsenal. They not only demonstrate a product’s use but also its features and benefits. With so much going for them, you’d do well to incorporate demo videos into your marketing strategy.

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