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Three Dimensional Modeling and Animation

3D captures interest and drives engagement. With so many possibilities laid bare, it’s little wonder marketers are turning to 3D modeling and animation to help sell their products.

But what exactly is three-dimensional modeling and animation and how can these techniques be used? Here’s a primer on 3D: what it is and how it’s used in practice.

What is 3D modeling?

In terms of computer graphics, modeling in 3D is a technique for producing a digital 3D representation of any surface or object.

Typically, a 3D modeler will use specific software to alter points in a virtual space to make a mesh. These points are called vertices, a collection of which will make an object. 3D objects may be created automatically or manually. The latter involves manipulating vertices.

The crux of a 3D model is its mesh, which is basically a series of points in a given space. These points are mapped onto a 3D grid where they’re joined together through shapes such as quads or triangles. Each point has a specific location on the 3D grid and through combining said points into shapes, the result is an object surface.

3D modeling is used in a variety of mediums including movies, illustration, video games, architecture, commercial adverting, and engineering.

3D models are typically exported to different software to be used in movies or games, however, some modeling programs facilitate the design of a 2D image through 3D rendering. This process is great for generating scenes that are hyper-realistic, featuring advanced lighting algorithms.

What is 3D animation?

Once you have a 3D model, the process of making it move is called 3D animation. It’s essentially creating 3D moving images and placing them into a digital environment.

Once a 3D model is created, they’re positioned and animated into a particular scene. The first step is to create a set and add objects to it. From there, those objects are animated by assigning animation variables. Objects within the scene are then brought to life through either motion capture or keyframing.

3D animation is produced using specific animation software that works with 3D models. It’s used in a range of industries including movies, video games, and commercial advertising.

Once a scene has been animated, it must be rendered. This is the final stage of the 3D process that gives the scene its overall look and feel.

3D modeling and animation in practice

There are a number of varied uses for 3D modeling and animation. Every industry from education to entertainment to medical can benefit.

Here are just a few real-world applications of 3D modeling and animation.

Product demos

It can be difficult to demonstrate the uses of a product, particularly in a digital sphere like the internet. This is where 3D animated product demos come in.

With a 3D animated demonstration video, you’re able to show your user how a product works through realistic modeling and functional animation. For example, you might show how an engine part fits into place or how an object ought to be worn.

Product demos are also great ways to allow your users to view a product from all angles. Rather than taking half a dozen 2D images, you simply render the product in 3D and allow your user to navigate around the space themselves to view the different angels.

Explainer videos

3D animation allows for the communication of extremely complex ideas. For example, you might try to explain a biological process that goes on inside the body – this can be difficult. Showing it through a 3D rendering doesn’t just make the explanation easier, it also ensures its more likely to be remembered.

Marketing content

3D animation is a great way to market your product or service. Humans are visual creatures and we’re naturally drawn to movement. This is why video and animation do so well in capturing interest.

Using 3D animation as part of your content strategy is a great way to tap into this human instinct. It not only engages your audience, but it also helps with brand recall.

3D is the future

3D modeling and animation are incredibly versatile methods of imparting information. Whether you’re looking to wow your users with interactive product demos or up your content marketing game, 3D is a great way to do it.

Want to harness the power of 3D for your own business. We can help with that.

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