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The Nine Different Types of Videos and When They're Appropriate for Your Business

The vast majority of brands (92 percent) use video as a key part of their marketing strategy. Furthermore, 87 percent say that it provides a positive return on investment (ROI).

Are you ready to make video production a bigger part of your business’s marketing plan? If so, you need to make sure you approach it in the right way.

Many clients want to jump the gun and create a video that doesn't meet their company’s needs or goals. Meanwhile, others aren't even sure what video types exist and how powerful they can be when they’re used correctly.

No matter which camp you fall into, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about the different types of videos and how they can benefit your business.

Video Types

There are tons of different videos businesses can use to increase brand awareness, promote their products, and increase sales. Here are some of the most well-known types of videos you might want to consider making to market your company:

Teaser Videos

As the name suggests, a teaser video is meant for teasing an upcoming launch and getting people interested in checking out a new product or attending a future event.

In a teaser video, you will show flashy hints and give viewers an idea of what might be coming.

When they’re made well, teaser videos create opportunities for conversations and social media buzz to take place among your followers and clients. This gets them excited for the big reveal and encourages them to check out your business.

Not only can a teaser video get more people talking about your upcoming product or event, but you can also use this type of video to capture emails and new followers as they wait for more hints about the upcoming launch.

To get the most out of a teaser video, we recommend creating a special landing page on your website.

This makes it easier for you to know how many people are interested in learning more about your product or event. You can also include an email sign-up form on your landing page to collect their contact information, keep them in the loop leading up to the big day, and stay in touch after the product launch or event is over.

When you create a dedicated landing page, it also helps you to keep your website analytics clear. This helps you differentiate between regular users and leads generated by your teaser video.

Curious about what a good teaser looks like? Check out this video we made for JSC Federal Credit Union.

Brand Videos

Also known as a brand launch video or a brand relaunch video, brand videos are a great way to tell people who you are and what your business is all about.

In general, brand videos aren't meant to sell a specific product or service. However, they help you to build trust with your audience by highlighting shared goals and values that resonate with them.

Brand videos also help you to build social credibility and generate more followers on social media. All of these outcomes, in turn, can help you to sell more products or services down the line.

A brand video is a great place for you to tell key components of your story and answer important questions, including the following:

●      Where did your company start?

●      What specific problems influenced you to build this company?

●      What is your mission?

●      What are your key values?

●      How has your company grown over the years?

●      How do you plan to keep growing?

●      How do you plan to continue solving the challenges your customers/clients face?

You can share your brand video on your website’s home or “About Us” page. You can also pin it to the top of your social media channels so new followers can easily learn about your business.

This video that we created for Common App is an excellent example of a brand video.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos — you guessed it — explain how your business’s products or services work.

You can publish explainer videos in a variety of places, from your website’s home page to a specific webpage for a product or service.

You can also display the video on social media, add a link in a press release, or include it in a pitch deck. It may be useful in employee onboarding resources, as part of an email marketing campaign, or as a sales tool in a trade show booth as well.

No matter where you display them, explainer videos — like this one we made for Aramco — offer a few key benefits for your brand, including the following:

Show and Tell

You can use an explainer video to demonstrate how your products work and how they can solve their problems without making your audience read a giant wall of text.

Remember, people digest information easier and faster via graphics than by reading. They also remember it longer. This is why visuals are so important for increasing sales and generating interest in your services and products.

Get Investors Up to Speed

If you're looking to get an investor or multiple investors, explainer videos allow you to get to the point quickly and wow them. You may have an easier time getting people interested in investing if they have a clear understanding of what your business offers and why it’s beneficial to your audience.

Increase Public Presence

Increase your public presence by releasing your explainer video with a press release. This is especially beneficial for companies that are making big steps in the tech, health, or climate change industries.

Product Demo Videos

Product demos are very similar to explainer videos.

Both video types give details about the product. However, a product demo video focuses more on the quick KSPs (short for key selling points) that your potential buyers would find beneficial.

An impressive 69 percent of consumers say that product demos are most helpful when it comes to making a purchase decision. With this information in mind, it makes sense that Including a product demo video on the item page of your website can increase checkout rates and boost online sales.

In addition to adding product demo videos to specific pages on your website, you can also share them on social media or link them in press releases, or emails. You can share them at trade shows and as part of store displays as well.

Want to see a great product demo video? Check out this one for Otter Box Kids!

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos feature past customers or clients giving positive feedback, as well as explaining how your product or service has improved their lives and solved their problem(s).

Nearly three-quarters of consumers (72 percent) say that positive testimonials and reviews can increase their trust in a business. Furthermore, 70 percent of marketers say that testimonial videos convert better than any other medium.

Testimonial videos help you to attract new customers, clients, or patients to your business, firm, or practice. You can use them to build trust and encourage those who are on the fence to choose you instead of one of your competitors.  

Lots of businesses share testimonial videos on their website’s home page or a separate “Testimonials” page. You can also share them on social media.

This video that we created for Rice Alliance is a great example of a powerful testimonial video.

Sizzle Videos

A sizzle video is a short, fast-paced, and flashy video. It often includes KSPs that will “WOW” your viewers and get them interested in your product.

These are often very short — between 15-30 seconds. Some can extend to 1 minute, but they’re rarely longer than this.

Sizzle videos feature quick-paced videos or animations and do a great job of highlighting the most high-level KSPs of your product or service.

When they’re well made, these videos draw your viewers’ attention and give them the information they need to develop an overall sense of what the product/service is. It also encourages them to click on a link to learn more.

Sizzle videos are great to use for press releases, social media, promoted social media ads, and online ads. You can also include them on your website’s product or service pages, include them as part of a trade show booth display, or add them to an email campaign.

Want to see an effective sizzle video in action? Check out this video for Otter Box.

Company Interview Videos

Company interview videos provide a lot of information about your business, including the following:

●      Who you are

●      What your company does

●      Where you stand against your competitors

●      How you work with clients

A company interview video offers some of the same benefits as a brand video and a testimonial video. As is the case with these videos, the interview video makes it easier for you to get in front of your viewer, help them get to know you, and explain how you can improve their lives.

Company interview videos also help you to build trust with your audience, increase sales of your products or services, and minimize the walls of text on your website that most people don’t want to read in the first place.

A company interview video may be longer than a brand video or testimonial video. They’re typically between 3 and 5 minutes long, but they can also be longer — especially if you plan to make a feature video with several shorter versions.

You can showcase your company interview video on a website homepage or “About Us” page. You can also share it on social media, in marketing emails, or as part of a presentation.

This video for Arundo x Evolution Well Services is an awesome example of a company interview video.

Company Overview Videos

A company overview video is similar to an explainer video. However, this type of video focuses on briefly explaining allof the services (or the umbrella of services) that a company offers.

A company overview video is a great tool for breaking down complicated services and making them easier to understand. This helps the viewer to establish a better grasp on how you can assist them, which increases the likelihood that they will contact you to learn more.

Our clients have also seen a lot of success from showing these videos in their meetings with potential new clients. It speeds up the process of explaining their service offerings and getting potential clients up to speed on how they work.

This video performs best near the top of your website’s home page. You can also pin it at the top of your social media channel or share it with your audience as part of a trade show booth.

Want to see what kind of company overview video we can make for you? Check out this example that we made for Common App.

Video Ads

A video ad is a short video made for TV or online advertising. When we say short, we mean it. Most videos are a mere 6, 15, or 30 seconds long.

Video ads are most effective as part of a larger campaign strategy. You can include them in mailers, digital banners, emails, or landing pages. They are meant to directly target key members of your audience and continue reminding them about your product, service, or message.  

The great thing about video ads is that you can combine several different types of videos into one. For example, you can mix elements of an explainer video with a testimonial video or a demo video with a sizzle video.

If you’re curious about how a video ad differs from other types, check out this Harris County Vote Your Way video.

Level Up Your Business’s Videos Today

From teaser videos to video ads, there are tons of ways that you can use video marketing to build your brand, grow your audience, and increase your sales.

Are you ready to make one (or more) of these videos? Contact us today to learn more about our video production services.

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