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As a Houston-based video production company, we're obsessed with making memorable marketing videos for serious tech companies looking to build their brands. Our award-winning team can help by producing high-quality photoreal 3D animation, 2D motion graphics, cinematophagrapy, and mind-blowing visual effects.

Looking for a Quote? Here is what you need that'll help us get you a bid

Quoting on videography involves an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the project. The earlier we understand these requirements, the better we’re able to tailor our offering to your circumstances. What follows is a rundown of everything you ought to consider before seeking a quote from a video production agency. It covers everything from your business summary to your vision to your audience.

Let’s dive in.

Summary of your business

We look up our potential clients to get a feel for their business but it’s always a good idea to hear a summary of your business from you yourself. After all, you’re the expert on your brand and your company. When we partner with a client we want to learn from the best.

Tell us a little about your vision for the video

Your vision for the video will encompass a range of things. You might have an idea of how you want it to look or sound. You might know what topics or selling points you want to cover. You might even know what SEO terms you want to target. The more we know about all this the better we’ll be able to make our offering.

What problem are you trying to solve with the video?

Every piece of content should solve a problem. What’s the problem you’re looking to solve with this video? Is it part of a campaign that’s targeting specific pain points? The better we know what you’re trying to solve, the more effective we’ll be able to make the end product.

What is the result you're aiming for?

We’re a results-driven business. We don’t just make killer video content, we ensure you’re well-positioned to use that content to gain the results you want. Knowing what you want out of your video will help us better tailor our offering.

Audience description

Your audience will include a general profile of your current clients as well as descriptions of each of your target markets. Who are they? What are their interests? What are their pain points? Etc. Getting to know your audience will ensure we’re better positioned to speak directly to them with the delivered content.

Where will this video live?

Different videos suit different contexts. You wouldn’t develop the same video content for social media that you would for broadcast television, for instance. Knowing where you intend to publish your end product gives us a better idea of how we’d approach the project.

What screen sizes will be playing the video?

Knowing what screen sizes you intend to display the video on allows us to better tailor our technical expertise. For large displays, for instance, we suggest 2k+ while main stage content can get as large as 8k to 16k footage. Web streaming, on the other hand, suits HD or 1080 squared. Determining your screen size early ensures we’re on solid footing to plan and execute the project.

Are you looking to include music, voice-over, or on-screen talent?

Music, voiceovers, and on-screen talent require extra planning and preparation for the videography process. Knowing these elements in advance helps us better meet your expectations.

How long will you be using this video?

Is this intended to be a short-burst campaign or evergreen content? Both have different approaches to style, content, and editing so it’s best to lock this in early. Once we know the longevity of your video we’ll be able to better plan your content.

Do you have a location you can use or do you need us to scout?

For videography, we’ll need to know whether you have a location in mind or whether we’ll need to scout one for you. This involves a rundown of any location requirements you might have. Understanding these requirements early lets us better tailor our offering to your requirements.

Do you have a reference of video style that you like?

An example of similar or inspirational works will help us nail your final product. If you have videos you liked the design of, whether they be previous projects of yours or third-party videos, these will help us be able to meet and exceed your expectations.

What part of the process are we involved with?

Different clients are at different stages of their video journey. Perhaps you want to be pitched ideas? Maybe you already have a script but need help with production? If we know where you are on your own journey we’ll be able to ensure we meet you where you need us.

When are you looking to make a decision on the proposals?

Knowing a time frame for your decision-making ensures we can meet your expectations and get your video published as quickly as possible.

When are you expecting the final deliverables?

Video takes time – often longer than you think. You ought to plan ahead and know what you want at least 6 months out from your proposed publication date. You should also schedule your favored studio early to avoid disappointment in the event they’re booked out.

What is your budget?

Videos can take weeks or even months to complete. That’s a lot of time and effort dedicated to handcrafting and customizing your content. Determining your budget in the early stages will help us understand how many hours we can commit to your project as well as how simple or complex it can be.

Ready to get in touch?

Video projects can be complicated, but they needn’t be stressful. The above rundown ought to have you in the best possible shape to approach us with your video project. Once we have all the information you provide we’ll be able to pitch you a solid offering that will meet your expectations and deliver you a stellar end product.

Get in touch today to see how we can help bring your next video project to life.

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