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How Motion Graphics Can Take Your Videos to the Next Level

Motion Graphics are one of the best ways to take your video project to the next level. You see motion graphics in almost every high-end video production from the nightly news to the title sequence of the latest blockbuster movie. 

But you don’t have to be a Hollywood studio to incorporate motion graphics into your next video. Here are five common motion graphics techniques and tips for bringing them into your next video.

Logos and Icons

Animated logos and other icons are one of the best ways to start incorporating motion graphics into your video projects. Still logos look out of place in the context of moving video. As the aesthetics of video have evolved over time, animated logos have become the new norm. 

This works for both existing logos and new or rebranded artwork. Existing logos might have a historic weight to them that your market recognizes. These logos can be adapted with minimalist animations or animated transitions. New projects can be designed with video in mind and be custom made and ready to animate. 

UI Animations

UI Animations are inside every app and device you use. As our portable technology has gotten more power and graphic capabilities have increased, fluid animations are an expected part of UI design. An animated user interface not only looks better than a static one, but animations can be used to enhance user experience and make interacting with systems more dynamic. 

These animations are also a great option for prototyping new software designs. If your team is working on their next app or web design project, having motion graphics animators put together prototypes gives you a more concrete picture of where future designs can go. It’s also great to have animators incorporating the same motion graphics that will be in your final product into your marketing campaigns. Why use awkward placeholder graphics when your marketing videos can use the real thing? 

Broadcasting Graphics

This might sound like a legacy or niche market, but broadcasting graphics set amateur video apart from professional. Broadcasting graphics, as the name suggests, first gained popularity in news media. Also known as “lower thirds” these are all the text-based graphic effects that appear on the bottom of the screen. These animations include: name straps for introducing hosts and interviewees, titles, news tickers, and a host of other animations. 

While they may have gotten their start on broadcast media, lower thirds have become a sign of professionalism. Introducing the on-screen talent with an animated name tag, branded watermarks, and even animated advertisements can make any video look professionally made as if it just came off a major television network.

Product Animations

Like UI animations, product animations form the backbone of a strong ad campaign. Product animations help your audience not only understand your product, but give it a sense of personality and identity which helps claim territory in ever crowded markets. 

Product animations are the perfect choice for industrial and internal components. If your product is part of a larger whole or is difficult to photograph in action, a product animation can allow potential customers to see it in use. This can help your marketing stand out when competitors are using still, catalog shots. 

Fully Animated Videos

Fully animated videos take all of the concepts we’ve talked about and combine them into a complete video. Motion graphics artists can combine logos, marketing materials, and product animations into one cohesive animation. These motion graphics videos have a versatile set of applications. 

One of the biggest advantages to fully animated videos is convenience. You don’t need expensive video equipment, talented actors, or product footage to put together a stunning video. What’s even better is that the same motion graphics video can fill an add slot on social media, intro events and meetings, and be integrated into your website in ways that are difficult for non-animated videos. Fully animated videos can also be edited much faster than traditional video projects making them much more adaptive to changing conditions. 

No matter what size your project is, there is a place for motion graphics to bring your video up to the next level. 

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