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Best Houston Events for Marketers

I know, I know. As a marketer, you are neck-deep in Eventbrite reminders to mixers, happy hours, workshops, trainings, lunch ‘n’ learns, seminars, webinars, need I continue?  

And for good reason. Marketers know as well as anyone that business (particularly B2B) is personal. Potential clients are unlikely to sign over thousands without a face-to-face or, at the very least, a strong referral.  

That said, the last thing you need is another marketing event on the opposite side of Houston. We all know what that commute looks like. 

Less Is More with Houston Marketing Events

No extra points are doled out for catching all Houston’s marketing community has to offer. In fact, you may lose years of your life trying. If you want to be a successful networker and marketer, go to less events. Quality over quantity, my friends. 

A great rule of thumb in marketing (and life) is to double-down on what’s working and cut out everything else. Social media (I’m looking at you, Instagram, LinkedIn) makes it easy to forget that. Just remember: there will always be another event. Stay focused and don’t let the noise of every other company’s marketing distract you from your 2020 marketing goals. Do you (and try to limit your social media time). 

Here are the Houston marketing events we have found most useful:


Average attendance: Small to medium

Stands for: American Institute of Graphic Arts

Perfect for: Designers, Animators, Writers, Marketers Agencies, Recruiters

Why we like it: Our motion graphic video services perfectly complement design work. We work with designers to bring their 2D character designs to life. It’s a win-win for designers and anyone who works closely with design: marketing managers, copywriters, animators, etc. 

Browse upcoming AIGA events >


Average attendance: Medium to large

Stands for: America Marketing Association

Perfect for: Marketers, Animators, Writers, Designers, Creative Directors, Agencies, Recruiters

Why we like it: We get to mix and mingle with a large collection of T-type Houston creatives from all backgrounds and disciplines. If you are still deciding on a marketing niche or specialty or are a freelancer looking to partner with agencies, this is the best place to start building connections and pick the brains of Houston’s finest. 

Browse upcoming AMA events >


Average attendance: Medium to large

Stands for: Business Marketing Association

Perfect for: B2B Marketers, Animators, Writers, Designers, Agencies, Recruiters, Marketing Analysts

Why we like it: High-end 3D product videos are our bread and butter. We can confidently say that we are the best Houston video agency for 3D product videos. So, B2B networking at a well-attended event is essential for getting in front of the right people and let them know we can (and will) exceed any expectations they may have for capturing their company’s servers, medical equipment, and new apps via video. 

Browse upcoming BMA events >


Average attendance: Small to medium

Stands for: Public Relations Society of America

Perfect for: PR Specialists, Social Media Managers, Writers, Marketers, Agencies, Recruiters

Why we like it: While not as well-attended as other Houston associations, PRSA also provides you exposure to different Houston professionals. PRSA puts a greater emphasis on media and communications. And good press—or good relationships with good press—is worth its weight in gold in a world where content is currency. 

Browse upcoming PRSA events >

Houston Video Industry Monthly Mixer (next week)

Average attendance: Small to medium

Stands for: We haven’t graduated this event to an acronym just yet.

Perfect for: Animators, Motion Designers, 3D Generalists, and Videographers

Why we like it: We wouldn’t be good marketers if we didn’t sneak in a plug for our own Marketing Mixer. This is our second monthly mixers of its kind—designed specifically for our friends in the Houston video marketing space. This one will be held at El Big Bad at the heart of Houston. It’s a lively space made better when filled with lively creative-types! Join us next Thursday, February 27, for good beer and better brainstorming. Tickets are $10. 

Register for this event >

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Best Houston Events for Marketers

A great rule of thumb in marketing (and life) is to double-down on what’s working and cut out everything else.

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How to Make More Time

Time is a lot of things. It’s a Pink Floyd song, the fourth dimension (except maybe not), and a finite resource (unlike money, which there are ways to make more of). You are allotted 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, for as many years as you’re alive (sorry to be depressing). You can’t buy more time, can’t craft more of it at home, can’t borrow it from someone else. The only way to “make” more time is to better manage the time that you have.

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How to Start a Project

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