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6 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Newly Crafted Video

Video production is exciting and fun because you have an opportunity to bring your brand to life like never before. Your website, newsletters, and flyers are all important pieces of marketing material, but words and pictures simply cannot compete with the power of video. You can bring real emotion into your messages and better resonate with your viewer. However, once you have your video, what do you do with it? This is a question many business owners have, whether they produce their own video or turn to a video production company. If you are sure what to do other than post it once and forget about it, don't fret. We have compiled a list of how you can get the most out of your new video so all of that time and effort doesn't go to waste.  

Social Media Accounts

Your video should be shared on any of the social media accounts you have. When you upload the video, try to create a short, engaging comment on the video that encourages your followers to both watch the video and begin a discussion in the comments. Just because you uploaded the video doesn't mean you are done. Content doesn't last online for very long, so you will need to repost of the video to bring it back to life and relevancy from time to time. How often that happens depends on your business and your audience. 

Video Hosting Platforms

While YouTube is one of the largest video hosting platforms online, you have other avenues you can utilize as well. Consider Vimeo, which has over 130 million monthly visitors. Other sites that have over 100 million monthly visitors include DailyMotion and Twitch.


If you attend events or conferences, you should showcase your video. Call ahead to see if there is production equipment you can utilize or if you need to bring your own laptop/tablet. Your local networking events are a great place to showcase your video because, eventually, small talk will run out. You can bring the conversation back to life by showing your video on your phone. At conferences, have your video running in on a loop to attract visitors and initiate the conversation. Hook, line, and sinker! 

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are an exceptional way to showcase your newly crafted video with people who are already subscribed. You know they are interested in your content, so this is a great audience to select to showcase your newest video. You can also incorporate your video in an email drip you have designed once leads find their way to a landing page and complete a form. Emails and videos go hand in hand, so don't be afraid to recycle the video at a later date in time. Every few campaigns, be sure to add it in to keep it relevant and keep your email subscribers educated on your company. 

Pitch Decks

When you are pitching your company, you should absolutely include your newly crafted video. Plug it in wherever it is appropriate. It's never a bad idea to break up your pitch with an exceptional video that explains your company and its offerings. While you can speak on your company for days, the other party will need a moment to digest the information you have just provided. A video is a great way to reiterate what you are saying in a fun and exciting way. 


Blogs allow companies to step away from their specific brand message and show a little personality. While companies can't go off the walls, companies can enjoy having some humor and bringing a human aspect to their business. When you add your video to any blog post, you are adding a new level of who is behind your company. When your readers and customers can see who is behind the great work your company produces, you resonate with them in a way words cannot. The more you resonate with them, the more they begin to trust your brand. Better still, if you already have a large number of subscribers to your blog, you are placing your video in front of even more people who are already following your content. Your video will have more views and you will have a more trusting audience. That's a win-win situation! 

Don't let your video be forgotten because you only posted it one time and forgot about it. Try out a combination of ways to keep your video alive and relevant. If you can't implement any of the aforementioned solutions at this moment in time, don't fret. You can always play it in your lobby or waiting area until you can begin to add your video in rotation online. Remember, these solutions will help your video gain more exposure and views regardless of how it was produced. However, if you are notifying your video production is taking too much of your time, we're here to help you. Contact us today, and we will get back to you within 24 hours (unless it's a weekend).    

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