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As a Houston-based video production company, we're obsessed with making memorable marketing videos for serious tech companies looking to build their brands. Our award-winning team can help by producing high-quality photoreal 3D animation, 2D motion graphics, cinematophagrapy, and mind-blowing visual effects.

3 Signs It’s Time To Turn To a Professional Video Production Company

We live in a time where just about every business owner has a smartphone in their pocket. Most smartphones have cameras that can capture videos in fairly high quality. For those who are looking to cut costs without sacrificing videos in their marketing and advertising strategies, using their smartphone to produce short clips seems like an optimal step. While amateur videography has its time and place, certain instances require video editing and recording from a professional video production company. If your business is known for its use of videos, consider these three signs that it’s time to turn to a professional for your next series of marketing and advertising videos. 

1. Time Required To Produce Videos Isn’t Profitable

The longer you record videos for your business, the more ideas and life you will want to bring to them. This means you will no longer simply record and upload your video. You may need to take multiple shots of the same scene, get a video editing software, and spend time putting clips, annotations, and text onto your video before you upload it. 

There will come a point in time where:

  • You are spending hours editing a few minutes long video
  • Too much time is spent on creative ideas for the next series
  • Costs for the video production software increases

When you reach this point, your amateur videography is no longer profitable for your business. You will save time, effort, and money by turning to a professional video production company. 

2. Missing the Mark

As someone who is involved with the business and coming up with the ideas for the videos, you may not be able to step outside of the content and look at it like a brand new prospect. As you record the video and edit it, it may look and sound great to you. However, it may not cover all of the bases it needs to in order for someone else to understand it. 

When you turn to the video production professionals, they will be able to take your ideas and bring them to life in a way that makes sense to anyone who watches the video. All of the basic stepping stones and crucial details will be incorporated during video editing. Professionals can also ensure the call to action is strategically placed to help convert more users while they are watching the video. 

3. Everyday Content VS Huge Announcements

 Social media and YouTube videos are wonderful platforms for amateur videography. You can play around with humor, angles, costumes, scenery, and a myriad of other factors that go into a video. You can even record videos in selfie mode and simply have a conversation with viewers. 

When it comes to large announcements and information for conferences, events, paid advertising, and other professional avenues, it’s imperative to come across as a leader in your industry. Selfie videos and poor video editing will simply not cut it. Professional video production staff can create the content you need to go viral, educate the end user, and persuade the viewer to complete your call to action. 

Professional Videography Services

Professional video production isn’t always required to get your point across. In fact, there are times whenever it is better to have natural, unedited footage available. Your prospects and customers want to see that they are doing business with real people. Sometimes, it may not be profitable to produce your own videos. A videography company can still help you look natural without sacrificing the precious time it takes to create a great video. When it comes to more serious events and information distribution, professional video editing can help your business go much farther. 

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